Microsoft Office Specialist Master Exam Bundle

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The MOS Master Certification requires candidates to successfully pass Microsoft Word and Excel at Expert level, PowerPoint core level qualifications plus one of either Outlook or Access.

This bundle includes access to the necessary exam attempt vouchers needed to achieve a MOS Master Qualification.

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The MOS Master qualification requires successful completion of Microsoft Word and Excel at Expert Level, PowerPoint, and either Outlook or Access.  It is strongly recommended that candidates achieve Microsoft Office Specialist Core level certification before attempting Expert Level exams in pursuit of the Master level qualification.

Testing Location: To find where you can sit a MOS Exam, please visit the Certiport Test Centre Locator

Exam Length: 50 minutes

Exam Range: You can use a Microsoft Office Specialist Exam Voucher for any one of the following exams:

  • Exam 77-725 – Word 2016
  • Exam 77-727 – Excel 2016
  • Exam 77-729 – PowerPoint 2016
  • Exam 77-730 – Access 2016
  • Exam 77-731 – Outlook 2016
  • Exam MO-100: Microsoft Word (Word 2019)
  • Exam MO-101: Microsoft Word Expert (Word 2019)
  • Exam MO-200: Microsoft Excel (Excel 2019)
  • Exam MO-201: Microsoft Excel Expert (Excel 2019)
  • Exam MO-300: Microsoft PowerPoint (PowerPoint 2019)
  • Exam MO-400: Microsoft Outlook (Outlook 2019)
  • Exam MO-500: Microsoft Access Expert (Access 2019)
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